Los Mercados de San Cristóbal de las casas.

El Mercado Artesanal

The Mercado Artesanal is a fantastic market where you can find everything handcrafting bags, belts, clothes, jewelry, hats and even something to snack. Almost all of them are hand made by craftsman in Chiapas. From the outside everything is wrapped in big plastic to protect from the rain, it is not very inviting but once inside it’s magic there are colours everywhere, objects of all kinds, also all around there are shops and people selling fruits, nuts and more. It’s really great that this place helps the local economy while demonstrating the strong Mexican culture. I don’t want to put everything in the same basket but almost everything you find in the store of the city if it’s authentic and artisanal, you have a lot of chance to find it in the mercado for much less in cost and often you have more choices. When we look around there are so many objects it’s feel like Ali Baba’s cave.

One of my biggest passion in life is to see how people from other cultures live and create, Mexico is a country where colours is at the forefront, where art is a bit caricatured and the making is abrupt but so pure. I traveled a lot in Mexico and no matter where you find yourself there you get the same kind of art and style, alive and very colourful. With the current pandemic the artisans are aiming for just a large production of masks full of colours, flowers and other kind of things to embroider. They are very original and far from what we see in Canada. For us the more monotonous the better, for them the more alive the better. Unlike us, in Mexico the dogs live mostly in the street, the mercado is like a refuge for some of them, in all the places that are a little quieter there are dogs that walk or take a nap while people are shopping.

I really enjoy this kind of place and thought it might interest a few of you. There is more to follow, San Cristóbal have more than one mercado of this kind … I let you enjoy my vision of this place by my pictures, in the way to get to the next mercado.

El Mercado De Alimentos

Now it’s the Mercado de alimentos turn…

Here I am arriving in another world where absolutely nothing is like at home. From the wonder to the little trauma, I have been surprised by this place. For someone like me, who basically have a hard time with meat. When I saw those chickens, I promise you would have laughed, my eyes wide open, my heart stopped saying to my self “No way, is this true !! ” They are spread out on a table upside down, killed the same morning, they are waiting to be bought. I am photographing them for you, so that you can understand how I felt. But the market is much more than that, it’s also a ton of fresh and colourful fruit and vegetables, hundreds of people doing business and a place where you can find everything you can imagine. The walk is made like a labyrinth, there are passages everywhere and hidden corners. One day when I was walking from where I live in the way to the mercado I saw a small alley where people was selling clothes, so I ventured out and found myself in the middle of the mercado, I was very surprised. This place is so big it’s easy to get lost and there is a section for everything. Outside We find the fruit and vegetables, in the middle in a large room made of concrete there are butcher’s and fishmonger’s where everything it is simply displayed on tables and where the smell is very strong. There is also a site around the center where there are restaurants, in another side they are selling toys, flowers and as I already mentioned it clothes. I have no doubt that there are still many corners out there than I have no idea they exist. The best part about this whole thing is the prices, a small basket of fruit is about 10 pesos which equals $ 0.75 Canadian, chicken are 60 pesos per kg, so about $ 3.80 per kg. I have rarely seen food so cheap. I’m fortunate enough to live within a 10 minute walking of the market, so this is now my new place where I go to make most of my groceries.

I invite you to take a little tour of the place through my photos.

Thank you for passing by I hope you enjoyed this part of my adventure as well as all the picture I took for you.

Sophie xx

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  1. J’ai beaucoup apprécié cette article tu décrit bien et t’es photos à l’appui
    j’adore leur façon de faire ces chaleureux et le contact avec les gens.


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