Follow your passions!

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Today I want to write about what makes you feel alive, what you love to do the most, what turns your soul on fire.

Each of us have our own talents and interests, and that’s what make us unique. How often do you do what you love the most? Once a day, a month, or maybe only once a year. I believe that living in harmony with your passions is one of the most important things in life. Must of the successful persons live of their passions cause that way every day you wake up and you can do something that make you happy then you’re able to put all of you in your work.

Personally I am a photographer and I am passionate about animals and everything related to fashion, that’s why when I wondered what I would like to study I decided to get into photography, it was the combination of all my interests. A few days ago, I had the incredible opportunity of photographing a Toucan from my balcony. No but who could have guess it was going to happen? The excitement that overwhelmed me when I saw it land in the tree was simply awesome. I got in, I grabbed my camera and I photographed it and throughout I felt a kind of adrenaline taking possession of me. I spent the whole evening on this vibes editing my photos. It reminded me how much I loved photographing animals of all kinds, I had forgot that feeling. If we don’t practice the things that turn us on, we forget how good they make us feel and we leave them behind.

What we do, determines who we are, try to do what makes you, you more often. Whatever it is photography, video, music, fashion, painting, writing, studying, traveling, spending time with family… just do it! You will find yourself and realize that with a simple gesture to yourself you can considerably increase your happiness.

Do you know that ? When your mind is stimulated in this way you don’t only get happier but also more inspired ?

By doing something you are exited about you are stimulating your whole system, you are therefore more apt to capture ideas, see things from a new point of view and put yourself into action knowing that it will be awesome. You will also discover a lot related to yourself. Make a list of the things you are most passionate about and make an agreement with yourself to practice it at least twice as often as you did and in some months it will become a need, a duty to make yourself happy.

Sophie xx

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