We are losing our liberty

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Why normalized our lost of liberty ?

Why stand up and protest for all but our right of liberty ?

If we look at the real situation, we realize that we have given up our own freedom by being afraid. All over the world, youth are being sacrificed, our freedom our education and much more. We have all submitted to a government that took as a strategy to scare people, to easily take control. When it all started they asked us to stay home to protect ourselves against a new disease that can kill everyone, of course we listened, with what little information we had. It was unknown. Then every day since, they inform us to continue to scare us. No optimistic information even if there is. After they started asking us to stop working, to stop going out, to stop educating our children, to stop going to visit our parents, our sister or our brothers and then to snitch our neighbours and go into poverty. And what we did ? We listen like a sheep and say yes. Why we did that ? Because we have let them put the fear into our minds. We no longer rationalize correctly.

We are in measures of war and if you open your eyes and step outside your home you will clearly see that there is no war outside. Nothing close. This virus kills people like the flu, as the road does. Statistically speaking, why be scared of this when we weren’t scared of other things that kill just as well as covid. Do you know how many car crash deaths there are each year? 1.35 million, or nearly 3,700 deaths per day. Do you stay home for this? Do you stop moving and hit the road for that? What about cancer? 9.5 million lives lost per year. Diabetes about 1.5 million per year. Do you even try to avoid sugar? Are all of these things really kill less than covid? As this date, Covid has killed just under 2.8 million of persons and 81.5% of them are over 60 years old.

I must tell you that there are currently 7.9 billion of us in the world and that 2.8 million actually represent only 0.035% of our population.

Is it worth the war measure we find ourselves in? Is it worth the education of the youth? Is that worth the 200,000 small businesses (only in Canada) that have closed their doors due to covid? Is it worth an entire generation of unemployment? Is it worth the scare of going out for fear of dying?

Let’s examine the measures.

Look Down
  • No work (less money)
  • No school
  • Curfew at 8 or 9 pm
  • No gym
  • No restaurants or bar
  • States close
  • Mask required
  • Not allow to see our family

Travel Restrictions
  • Medical tests required (inside and outside out country)
  • 3 day in a hotel allow by the government when back in your country (for some countries like Canada)
  • App in your phone for been track by the government
  • 14 days quarantine required (even with 2 negative results)


I will talk for myself, I am currently living in Mexico and here the freedom to live as we desire is still accurate. There is restriction, of course, and precautions taken by the state. You have to ware a mask in public place. In every shops restaurant, and more, they also take our temperature but we have the right to get in and to continue to live our life. If we look at the number we will see that the travel restriction are not worth it. In Quintana Roo the total amount of cases is 21 167 and 2 490 death, which what is much less that Quebec who count 309 K cases and 10 651 death. One is in lock down, the other is open and full of travellers. Some will say that is because here they are not tested in Mexico but the truth is, that there is places for get the test everywhere and since several of month the test are needed for get out of the country, so that mean that all the traveller have to do it and every Mexican who work and have symptoms also have to be tested. The amount of cases or death haven’t explose. 

As a Canadian citizen, if I want to return to my country, I have to submit myself to a covid test here in Mexico before taking the plane and then another test when I arrive in Canada, then they will take me to a hotel for 3 days. only to wait for my result. (It might only take 24 hours but they charge you 3 days in the hotel anyway.) After all that, I will also have to do a 14 day of quarantine at home, knowing that I don’t have covid, no after 1 but 2 negative result. Do you think that makes sense? Let me ask you something. What will happen after that?Vaccination required to travel and / or to go to school? Do you think you are still free?

I really believe that our generation is aware enough to find out a peaceful way to stand up and take our liberty back. We need to stand up and clam YOU CAN’T CONTROL ME ! We are in the pike of our time, we are supposed to been working on our future to built a better world for our kids, not staying at home and been scare of this same world. Most of us do not work since a while, cultivated debt and laziness. They use the fear for force us to don’t go out and see whit our eyes what is the reality. WE ARE NOT IN WAR. If you scare to travel for exemple then you don’t. You cannot see how other country figure it out to live. You can not see that in many parte of the world, people are still free.  Then you keep thinking that is not a big deal to sacrifice our youth and freedom cause you believe is like that everywhere. We can decide to look around and to see that the measure taken by our government cause much more damage that help.

Lockdown and curfews outcome

  • Augmentation of violence against women
  • Increase of problem related to mental health
  • Increase of teenage dropout the school
  • Anxiety / stress
  • Fear of others
  • Depression
  • Several consequences observed in children

You know the effects that being in this state of mind has on you, but let me ask you, How is it for our children? What will be the consequences on their life? What kind of behaviour will they have in the future? Will they stay with a fear of others? Will they be extremely individualistic? Will they be more anxious than other generations? Personally, I know people who have taken their children out of school because of all the pressure it puts on them, the obligation to wear a mask for 8 hours a day and the fear that school staff are trying to instill in young people.. It is just not human to do this to our children. Most of them now go to school online. How do you think they can stay focused without being able to spend their energy? Their motivation to go to school is to see their friends, so doing it in front of a laptop isn’t just difficult, but it doesn’t help. And when they can finally go to school. They can’t get close to their friends, it doesn’t make sense to them. Unfortunately for them it is a large percentage of their life and will have long term consequences. This generation will have experienced a total loss of their freedom and will be afraid of being free. They may think that they are doing something wrong just to be in touch with others. This can have devastating effects not only on their behaviours and their brains, which is already huge, but on the future of our societies.

If you don’t want to stand for yourself stand for the next generation. Stand up for the ones who can not do it !

Thank you to have take the time to read it. It’s a very important subject for me.

Sophie xx

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  1. J’adore 💖la façon de t’exprimer
    tu as la plume 🖌d’un auteur 📚
    Beau et Bon texte
    Merci de partagé avec nous tes pensées

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