Vulnerability Is A Strength !

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Letting go your ego and being vulnerable takes courage.

Learn how to bring down the walls that have been built around you and to show your true selves.

Our history, our wounds and our scars make us who we are. By being vulnerable, we appear weak in the eyes of the world. This is what they want us to believe. Be strong, they say, don’t show your feelings, keep everything to yourself.

It’s all bullshit!

This is exactly what we shouldn’t do. By being vulnerable we show ourselves in our true light and by being ourselves we find the power to face everything. In our world, people have lost their humanity, their vulnerability and it’s really sad, cause this is what brings us together.

Maybe that’s why we seem so divided.

It takes a lot more courage to show your emotions than to cover them up. Most people try to hide their feelings for fear of expressing themselves. They believe it’s easier to ignore them than to live with them. They believe that by cover their feelings, they will disappear, but the truth is that is only creating a wall around them. That exactly what’s lead to bigger problems. Those persons will have to relearn how to expresse their feelings so they don’t end up alone.

How unlearning to suppress your emotions?

If you learn to be vulnerable, if you learn to let it go, if you ignoring this voice who’s telling you that you will be judge and you express your emotions. You will have done a big step. To begin, we have to stop judging people, start listen and encourage them to speak up their truth. Open your eyes and acknowledge yourself when you catch yourself judging others. Fight your ego and understand we are all equals. It’s valid with yourself, with your partner, your friends as well at work or in public, you must accept others as they are, understand that weakness is not a bad thing but is a human character. All relationships need honesty and vulnerability, if we don’t show our weaker or darker side it’s simply can’t work.

We just have to look at the people we admire, they are the people who bared themselves and showed us their feelings and fear. It’s those who opened themselves to others. it’s the same people who have been able to touch the heart of others and been accepted. Watch artists like Adele who have built her whole career writing love songs to a man she lost in her youth. She write about the greatest moments of vulnerability of her life. She and many others are examples to all of us. People like her, are proof that when we show our vulnerably in front of the world, people respect us and want to be closer to us. Often, people are not able to show this of themselves and when they see someone else doing it, they admire them for having the strength that they do not have.

Be strong, accept your weakness! Be the one who will show the way to other.

Don’t try to be someone your are not, you are perfect as you are. You don’t have to change for please no one, but evolve to please your soul.

We are one with nature, if it can show its vulnerability and shine you can do exactly the same. Nature is there to be your teacher, she guides you by showing you the example. Our roll is to observe and learn.

Thank you to have take time to read my words, I hope you enjoyed.

Sophie xx

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