Here I am sharing in images the country that inspired all my dreams!

Mexico is where all started.

I have been totally charmed by is beauty, is authenticity and its welcoming culture. When I first arrived here, I remember I was just a little girl. I fell in love with this nature so different from where I come from. I saw animals that I didn’t even know existed and for the first time I swam in the sea. Over the years I got to know Mexico really well, I explored many cities. Each regions are so different from the others. I saw breathtaking landscapes passing by incredible beaches, gigantic canyons, cities of 500 years old, ruins of ancient Mayans, I discovered pink water lakes and multiple cenotes. I am sure I did not even list everything. Mexico is a land to discover, a country with futures. The way of living is so different from the one I have always known, happiness is brought first. It is not easy for people to live here because of money is harder to make but one you manage to find the way to make a living everything becomes simple you can do a lot with little money and enjoy life to its fullest and all in connection with the impressive nature that surrounds us. Today I am living here and I can not be more grateful! In this crazy time I have the chance to still be free and passing my day in my paradise.

I hope it will charms you too !

Riviera Maya

An article will be coming soon about Playa del Carmen

Chiapas road

Palanque ruins


San Cristobal De Las Casas

For discover this magic town you can read my blogs San Cristobal de las casas and los mercados de san Cristobal


For see more photos and learn about this amazing place read The Mexican Ranch.


Sophie xx

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