3 step to free yourself

Your are more that your beliefs let you think.

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I spent a lot of time reading about how our beliefs control our life, how your subconscious mind has been built, and how to successfully work in harmony with it to create a better life.

First of all, we need to open our eyes on ourselves and be aware of all the beliefs we can have in our subconscious, cause they are what’s rule our entire life. For do so, you should look deep in your past, go in your childhood and analyse what do you have accept as a truth. What your parents said that you catch yourself saying repeatedly. What your family was thinking about money, happiness, relationships or even life in general. Do they tell you how hard it was to own a house? Or maybe you saw your parents fight days and nights until they separated so for you relationships are doomed to fail. Maybe was your grandma, she explained how important it was to save money for the darker days and you accepts it as a truth, so today it can make you anxious when you aren’t able to save some money. No matter your reality, know that isn’t necessary the truth and you can always change the things that cause you problem.

Second of all, you have to accept that changing, will send people you love out of your life.
In this process some will stay in your past and it’s ok like that. The trap is, once again, your subconscious mind if you are scare to loose people by changing your identity, you may stop yourself to do the work needed. You will realize fast enough that when you put yourself first people start changing their behaviour around of you. People no longer want to be around the one you’re becoming because it’s trigger something inside them, you are evolving not them. You can feel like you are ejected from the crew and that, for some, can be scary. It was for me, since I dedicated myself to my evolution, I often feel that I don’t fit in anymore and it’s hurt. Being hurt it part of the game and this pain will pass soon. You, yourself will realize that you feel better around people you may not know, but are in the same place than you, that with your old friends that aren’t going in the same direction of you. Be the best version of yourself, can mean been alone for a while but the one who really love you will come back in the right time. It will also bring in your life new people more aligne with your new self, take it as a gift. Don’t be scare of being alone, learn to deal with it and you will find beauty in it. It can take you time for feeling confident in the rejection, but don’t give up the one you are becoming for the people around of you, it will be such a waste.

Thirdly, learn to be confortable in the inconfort! Don’t be scare to look stupid or even fail, it’s ok, it’s how we learn. Your confort zone is one of you greatest enemy, it make you weak. Get out of it, do it as quick as possible. It will bring an incredible amount of new opportunities in your life. Understand that if it’s scare you it will stop you. It’s like jumping in void people will judge you either way, you jump or you stay at the edge. So do it, it will make you proud of yourself and more important will open a tones of doors front of you. Try to avoid every thing that make you too confortable because it’s what stop you for live your next adventure. Be willing to jump out of this plane just because it may be the experience of your life. By doing so, you find strength on yourself that you didn’t expected you had. It’s the beauty of it, you are stronger that you can imagine, your power is limitless, you only have to get to know it. I can promise you that if you stay in your confort zone you won’t meet it. SO, GO JUMP! GO FIND YOUR POWER, IT’S YOURS !

After all, you have to keep going with that in mind everyday. Be consistent it’s the biggest part of the work and it will be a game changing. Stop to be afraid of being better than you was yesterday or worst than other people are. Be confident of the fact that an amazing life is waiting you and you are the only creator of it. Accept that it won’t always be the way you which it goes, and work on you adaptations skills. Understand that everyone came and go, that no one is yours, people is in your life by choose and never by obligation. Do your best for enjoy what you have and be grateful for it. Acknowledge that you are the creator of you life (even if you live a shitty life) and that there is no limits unless the one you fix for yourself. You can do all what your heart desire. Accept that is ok to fail, (it’s better to fail than not to try) take it as an experience that learn you things you needed to know. Be yourself and never compromise on who you are. Trust your instincts, it will guide you on the right path. Committee yourself to your growth and do all it take to rise as much as possible. All you are doing it’s for yourself and no one else, respect that.

It’s an every day challenge that will set you free. I recommend you to give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.

With love Sophie xx

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