Stepping back in your old shoes

Sometimes came back at where you was (1-2 years ago or even 2 months ago) is offering you a new perspective to see your reality . First of all it show you all the way you been through, but more importante it make you realize who you become by putting you back in the moments and release the pressure you overwhelmed yourself with. Getting into this situation have the power to show you, that you can be proud of yourself. You get into a conscience state of mind. You suddenly see the life you are creating, you get to see it taking forms.

All what you had been trough wasn’t in vain. You grown up, and today you are the result of it. Ready to built new dream for fit your new self. It’s a retrospection exercise, that we have to take as an opportunity to keep track of our own evolution. In live you will often find yourself in such a situations, the important is to take it as a teachable experience. We do live some break down, at some point of our life we fall down but each time it happen is the moment to take time to download and acknowledge what just happened in your life. Ones you do it you stand taller, you’re ready for the next step, for accomplish bigger achievement. Each struggle of your life is there to show you the way, to help you to become the person that will be able to achieve what you want in live. If you do not have all what you want at this moment is because the version of yourself that you are now, can not reach it. You need to evolve and improve yourself to create the version of yourself that will be able to get all you want from live. The person you admire for doing what they do, do not arrive where they are just by setting a goal, they do work on themselves for become the person who can attract the object of their desire. This is exactly what we should all do.

If you are in a situation that you are able to step back in your old shoes and feel how it feels, DO IT. It can hurt, actually if it does is signe that you are in the good way but doing so will enlighten your soul, motivate you to continue to work hard to go get your dream and also help you keep track of your success and achievement. After a time you will surly be back to your life and I promise you will enjoy it much more.

For me the sun is back, I just get back to my life and I can’t explain how grateful I am. The last months haven’t been easy but now is a new begging ! I pass through it and it make me feel stronger and must of all in alignment with myself. This experience teach me resilience (even tho I haven’t always been through this experience.) I understood that is not because I go somewhere that the people I love will go with me. Sometime you need to be ready to walk alone. Today I heal some part of myself that have hurt since the longest I remember that is a gift I make to myself. I deserve to be in peace, to be in harmony with myself and the only way, is to allow your soul to heal by taking the right action and by practicing gratitude, acceptance and unconditional love to yourself and others.
It also shown me that you have to accept other as they are no matter where they are in their spirituality path. To stop trying to help them to become better version of themselves, that is an individual journey and no one can change that.

I am ready to create new memories and make my life a living dream in every moment.

I wish you to be able to push yourself to go get what you truly want and live your best life !

Sophie xx

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