Who I Am ?

Sophie Senécal

HI, if you wonder what kind of person I am your are in the good place. I am a woman, who follow her emotion, they brought me where I am. I go first into my ideas and try my best to create a life that matches my standards. Here, I share with you everything that make me who I am. The things that capture my attention, the place I go, the thought that crosses my mind, the feeling that come over me and the music that give me power when I miss.

I am passionate by the way a human can evolve simply by looking for enlightenment and knowledge. Is impressive how much human success to do by getting to know the more it can. I found myself often in admiration front of this massive intelligence.

I am a young photographer, from Montreal and I look the world through the eyes of beauty. Every where I go my eyes is simply attack by the beauty this planet have to give. We are lucky to live in a world of thousand wanders with the variety of human which each have is own charms, an incredible quantity of colourful animals and uncountable impressive landscape. For me my camera is a way to capture and remember that beauty is in each corner. We have to appreciate it, is too easy to get use-to and don’t see it anymore but I believe is our duty to keep in mind our chance to be surrender of splendour.

I recently settled in the Caribbean, in Mexico. Here we are free to live our life as we want without restrictions in that crazy time. The freedom is one of the more essential human need and am happy to found it here. Living here was my dream years ago and is a pleasure to have achieved it. Mexico make me get out of my confort zone for live new adventure, that push me to evolve faster and that’s what I like the most about it.

Am actually passionate by the way the brain work and the laws who rule the world. Here I can be the witnesses of a collective awakening, a lot of people I meet are in the light, they are looking for the truth and it help me to keep myself in that way of being. La Riviera Maya is not only an incredible land but also a place where the energy are high. Am grateful to live here and evolve in such environment, being able to attempt my self transformation at is fullest. for me it’s all what matter!

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Through my photos, I want to share with you my passion for life, fashion and travel. I hope this will inspire you to change your life and do what you really want.

Take a look to my portfolios.

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