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I find myself feeling good reading, learning about various subject have become a passion for me. Recently I was thinking about to share with you the books who have changed my way of see the world. So there we are, I hope some of them can help you to find sense in this world.

The Mastery of love

My favourite book of all.

This book have show me about love at a level I had never look before. It shown me that we have to deal with the poison emotions into us. By being aware of them, by understand that we are all full of fear and wound we can start wondering why and see how useless is that. It explain us that we live in a collectif dream that have been created by each soul of this world. That love start by ourselves and that we should stop to believe the lies of the society and even the lies we say to ourselves. I did understands a lot about relationship, why we are like we are and what we should do for stop hurting people around us and being hurt by them.

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The voice of knowledge

In this book Don Miguel Ruiz show us how much we believe in lies in our daly life. He shows us a way for live in the truth by destroys the lies that we take as a truth. The all process is explained starting by the more important the childhood, how we all born in the truth and we grow up with people who tell us lies about who we are or how we should be. The truth here is that you have to observe yourself your past and all what your parents and other have try to make you believe about yourself that is far away of the truth but you had accepted as it, just because it have been repeated to you a thousand time. There you will find help for rebuilt yourself with real truth. And mostly will help you deeply to don’t damage your kids as you have been damaged.

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The laws of human nature

I just finished to read this one this one and it’s a book who must be read. There you find full of information and history about how a humain react by nature. There you learn about thousands of way of being and patterns that each character have. It’s actually really interesting cause it’s help you to understand the humanity and what’s make people like they are. We all know that behind everyone is a story and with this book you get to know the story of people who marked their time. That can help you to forge your own character by knowing it. Learn of their mistake and also simply of the history of other, like that you are aware of yourself and can avoid some detail of your personality that can cause your lost. Is a book of almost 600 pages, written so small, is actually long and hard to read but is worth it. I think the best way for read it without losing the motivation to do it is to read it like a second book and pass by it, a little bit every day.

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Think & Grow Rich

That one is simply a most. I think this book have been read by every successful persons since it have been write. Napoleon Hill have dedicated is life to interview the more successful persons of is time and the one who have fail for write this master piece and explain us what’s the habit it’s take and what kind of mindset you need for become successful. Is the knowledge and the wisdom of many successful person interpreted by Hill and put all together for help us to see bigger and take action for success.

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Business wise 101. Ray Dalio share here with us is knowledge of life, how the principles have help him to create the biggest hedge fund company of the world. He show us the importance to have a unlimited open mind and how to manage people for get the best of each. That book talk about discipline, about management and mind set. Is really concentrated in the business and how to get done thing in the best way possible. Who to treat people whom surround you and how to choice them. Is actually full of wisdom and mind set who is worth to adopt.

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Breaking the habit of being yourself

The perfect book for understand the relation between science and spirituality. Dr. Joe Dispenza explain us passing by quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology and genetics how the brain work and how we are related as a human to the universe. How is possible to recreate yourself and stop being the one you use to be. If you are some one who believe on science more that anything else and you are septic about spirituality I think would be a great way for you to open your mind and see an other point of view. At a moment or an other we all pass by wondering how we become who we are and wish to be different. By reading that book you can understand how to do it and that you always have the choice to do it you are not condemned to stay the way you are.

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Einstein and the Generations of Science

I have read that book in French and it call, Einstein et le conflit des générations.

I always been fascinated by Albert Einstein and by reading that book I got to know about the way he grow up, the intellectual environment in which he had study and mostly how interesting was is time. The flow of idea and the opportunity to get to understand how the world work surrounded by many other mind like his. In 1890 Zurich was an establishment filled with a generation, which comes from all corners of the world, in search of ideas, liberty and revolution. This book show how much an environment can improve an ability and how much your time impact who you are.

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Outwitting the devil

Here, Napoleon Hill surprises me whit a book that have been hide of the public I for around 70 years. This book is a complete conversation with the devil, exploring the ways the bad is taking over each human, how it’s getting into us by all the way possible and how is helping the next generation to stay in a dark. I believe the reason that book have been hide so long, is cause the content is so accurate that is hard to imagine a simple man have make those two side of a conversation. That book shown so many true that can have been scary enough to been hide.

Great one, that help a lot to see our own behaviour that drag us.

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The alchemist

This one is a beautiful story whom tell you to LISTEN YOU INNER VOICE, a book you want to read before to go sleep something light with a strong message. I have love the ways Paulo Coelho have make me travel, the way he paint a feeling, a travel and their character is pure magic. By readying it you found yourself travel with the principal character and make you dream about your own travel in life where you go and what your heart tell you. It make you realize the importance of listen it and to learn to see the signe that life put in your way.

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How to win friends & influence people

The first book I read about personal development, a good one for start. By is name, you can think is not for you is maybe for manipulate people but is actually not. It’s simply talking about strategy to socialize, way for make yourself been understand easily and make others want to be around you. I clearly recommend that book to each teenager of this world and anyone whom haven’t read. It’s a great tool that can help you all long your life. Dale Carnegie is also giving explanation about how to read the book for get the more of it and its can apply to any other book. This book shows that you can, by the way you express yourself go get whatever you want. We learn here how to be liked by almost everyone and how to make people joint your ideology. It can be useful for you, to get a job during an interview, to approach someone who inspires you or simply to express yourself in public.

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You are badass. How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life

If you want a boost of motivation and self confidence that book it’s what you need. Jen Sincero help you to go trough your self doubt and manage the in a way they not longer limited you. She written this book for go direct to the point, she use words that will hit you for shake you, it’s her way to make you understand to stop listening all the bullshit around and start focusing on yourself because you are capable of mosh more that you think you are. And the more important of all is to start it now. This book have help me in a darkened moment of my life where I needed to find back my self confidence and it have push me to take action so if you are in one of those phase of your life I suggest you to read it, is a first step for yourself.

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12 rules for life an antidote to chaos

This book is perfect for show you why is important to have rules, how by following them we can find peace. Jordan B. Peterson pass by history, religion, science, and philosophy for make us understand how to organize how world for stay far from the chaos. Things start inside you, if you are not able to fix your own problem how can you solve the problem of the world or even criticize it. I read this book in a stressful period of my life and it have help me to manage it all, to start to look into myself before complaining, to treat myself better and even to learn to surround myself only with people who truly car for me.

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This autobiography of Michelle Obama is actually great, I find interesting the way she make it to the top. She did almost have a perfect journey and is inspiring to read a story like that. She is a student, a woman of career, a wife, a mom, a first lady of USA (the first black first lady. ) She show us that you can be all what you want and there is no limites.

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The Highly Sensitive

This little book is really interested if you are someone who feel emotion deeply and still more if you don’t cause it can help you to understand the ones who have those kind of highly sensitive personality. It have help me to see more clearly through my emotions and help to manage them.

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Ego is the Enemy

Here we talk about how much the ego can kill all success. It’s explained that managing your ego is the only way to keep yourself in the top, once you get there. This book show us the importance of giving attention to every time our ego is speaking louder than ourselves, don’t let it do. Keeping our ego low will not only help you doing a good work but also keep your relationships healthy. If you doubt about the fact that you ego can stand in your way this is the perfect book for you.

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