Mexico is where all started.
I am sharing in images the country that inspired all my dreams!

Here I am sharing in images the country that inspired all my dreams!

Mexico is where all started.

I have been totally charmed by is beauty, is authenticity and its welcoming culture. When I first arrived here, I remember I was just a little girl. I fell in love with this nature so different from where I come from. I saw animals that I didn’t even know existed and for the first time I swam in the sea. Over the years I got to know Mexico really well, I explored many cities. Each regions are so different from the others. I saw breathtaking landscapes passing by incredible beaches, gigantic canyons, cities of 500 years old, ruins of ancient Mayans, I discovered pink water lakes and multiple cenotes. I am sure I did not even list everything. Mexico is a land to discover, a country with futures. The way of living is so different from the one I have always known, happiness is brought first. It is not easy for people to live here because of money is harder to make but one you manage to find the way to make a living everything becomes simple you can do a lot with little money and enjoy life to its fullest and all in connection with the impressive nature that surrounds us. Today I am living here and I can not be more grateful! In this crazy time I have the chance to still be free and passing my day in my paradise.

I hope it will charms you too !

Riviera Maya

An article will be coming soon about Playa del Carmen

Chiapas road

Palanque ruins


San Cristobal De Las Casas

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Sophie xx

San Cristóbal de las casas

El más mágico de los pueblos mágicos de Mexico! Where the landscape is to die for and you are surrounded by culture.

El más mágico de los pueblos mágicos de Mexico!

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Lately I had the chance to live one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I spent 3 months living in the Mexican mountains in San Cristòbal de las casas, in the state of Chiapas. This place has a special charm, the Mexican culture is very strong, the weather is almost perfect and the people are very welcoming. Considered by many to be the cultural capital of Chiapas and also the most magical of all the pueblos magicos in Mexico. San Cristòbal is located at 2120 meters from the sea level in the middle of several mountains what explains its fresh climate, the temperature normally varies between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius. You should enjoy the mornings cause they are generally sunny and beautiful, then somewhere in the afternoon it starts to rain almost every day, which makes it cooler in the evening.

Every day there are women walking in the streets to sale us shawls, mostly made of wool to keep us warm. They also sale many other things like belt, bracelet, etc and all are handmade. That’s the way those ladies make a living. There is a lot of people selling all kinds of things in the street and others who just ask for money. Among them there are a lot of children. I asked the locals what the kids are doing in the streets? Why are they walking alone like this? They replied that in the villages around, people don’t have contraception, so they have a lot of children but have nothing to feed them so they send  them very young to the streets to bring back money to be able to eat. In my eyes, they are so young, so beautiful and so innocent that it’s difficult for me to conceive that this is their reality.

When you travel, you learn that the world is not the same everywhere and in many places, life can be very different from what you have known. You just have to open your mind and learn as much as possible about others ways of living. Some people have been luckier than others in life, if you found yourself in the luckiest category is important to help those who have less chance.

San Cristobal is interesting in many ways, first of all the atmosphere of a small city where we recognize the face of peoples have an indescribable charm. There are pedestrian street, called andador, there is where all the action happen, the little shops, a lot of restaurants, people playing music and much more. Music is very present, there are a lot of artists who perform in the street, they create a magical atmosphere. Most of them are locals or people who live there for a while, they live their life in simplicity. There the cost of life is very low so they can live well. When you want to do your grocery you don’t go in the super market you go in los mercado (food and artisan markets). You can visit my blog titled Los Mercado de San Cristobal de las casas to learn more about it (it’s worth a look cause that is a big piece of the magic of San Cristòbal). It’s a really interesting place where you find everything you want at very low cost. The way this city was built everything seems close, the streets are very narrow and the doors of the buildings are almost in the streets, but if we look closely we discover beautiful interior’s gardens and sometimes even mini cities that look like nothing from(the) outside but when the doors opens you can see a lots of houses, a courtyard and much more. The city is also very colourful like almost everywhere in Mexico which gives it even more charms.

Something I found interesting is that every where you see things hand made, the people still work in an artisanal way. For me is actually amazing to see that cause in Canada there is almost nobody who work with their hands. Almost every clothes the locals made is with embroidery, even now with the covid 19 they have made mask with embroidery colourful. That is their signature. I have talk with a lady who do that and she told me that sometimes 1 piece can take months to do, I was really impressed. The people who live around are so pure, they still have patience, old methods for work, for take care of themselves and they live in a way that we have forget in the modern world. That have remind me to enjoy more and take it easy. Life is good, is not a race. We should appreciate what we have and take the time to live it at 100%.

No matter where I am I see beauty in this world, my eyes are simply attracted by and there everywhere I look was pure beauty, not the artificial beauty we see in the magazines but the one you see when you look an old lady with lots of wrinkles, you can see in her face how much she have live. Also by seeing joy in the eyes of the children when you accept to share with them the empanadas that have cost you 20 pesos, all that is priceless for me. There is a lot of that kind of magic everywhere that’s one of the reason I love it that much.

San Cristobal de las casas has nothing to do with where I come from, the landscape of this city is amazing it was great to live there. Where I lived we had one of the best views in town, I took a picture of it so you can see it too. On a sunny day and also when it was cloudy, both are worth it. I was very lucky because there I could go have my coffee in the morning and even go there in the evening to think about my day looking at this view.

In that magic town, there are churches in almost every corner. San Cristobalito was my favourite, this little withe and red church is located in the top of a montane almost in the middle of the city. For get there you have to climb a long stairs, which each step give an incredible view of San Cristobal. There are benches all the way up, it’s surprise me cause in my eyes they was not looking in the right side cause if you sit on you look the church and not the view. After thinking about it I realize that those benches was for pray, not for sit. At this moment all have make sense in my head, if you kneel you can pray front of the city, everything had been think in a way to experiment a moment of glory going in that church.

There is an other big yellow church located down town, who catch the attention, It’s name is La cathedral and is the symbol of San Cristòbal. Front of it you can find shows, people selling clothes, hats, toys for the kids and mostly street foods. Every kind of Mexican streets food are there, tamales, tacos, empanadas, chalupas, arroz con leche, pozole and more. Those people are there until late in the night so when every restaurants are close, you are still avail to find foods and really cheap. The food in San Cristòbal is really authentic and sometimes impressive like the traditional sopa de piedra (rock soupe), for put it simple is a seafood soupe with a volcanic rock inside that give a special taste it’s not something you find everywhere. I had the chance to pass el día de los muertos (the day of the dead) there and i discovered than almost every restaurants sell el pan del muerto, is a type of traditional sweet bread than they made only in this time of the year and is actually good. If you have the opportunity try the chocolate artisanal made in Chiapas is also very cool, you can found that almost everywhere and this is a kind of chocolate more natural that we use to eat and more bitter but really interesting. The bananas are also impressive, there is so many types there. I never saw a red banana before and you ? Is actually so many kind that we don’t find everywhere. I tried so many things here and everything I discovered was magical.

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experiment the San Cristòbal lifestyle and discover the Mexican culture to its maximum. For sure is a place I wish to come back in the future, I have been seduced by the cosy ambiance of this beautiful town. If you pass by you will also be seduce, am sure of it !

Here am gonna give you some of my favorites places in San Cristòbal.

  • Sarajevo cafe jardin the cutes cafe I have been, there I go for write, read and enjoy myself with good food, cafe and juices.
  • La Plaza San Agustín, is a place where you found a lot of nice restaurants and cafe. It’s like an inside garden with terrace. Really nice.
  • El Tacoleto, the best taco in town!
  • La Trattoria Italiana, really welcoming place with grate food and great location!
  • Las Jícaras del Huanacaxtle, 100% locals food, there you can find la traditional supa de piedra.
  • Kukulpan, located in the side of la Trattoria Italiana, is a really nice spot for go take a coffee in the morning. The terrace really nice.

So if you like culture, music, colours San Cristòbal de las casa is a place to put in your bucket list. You will not be disappoint for sure, thousand surprises waiting you there and still more around.

If you want to know a little more about this amazing place clic here we have made a video for you guys!

Thank you to have pass by here, I hope you enjoyed it. See you soon in a new adventure!

Sophie xx

Los Mercados de San Cristóbal de las casas.

There is two mercado in San Cristobal. El Mercado Artesanal y El Mercado De Alimentos, they are the heart of the town. Here it is all their splendour.

El Mercado Artesanal

The Mercado Artesanal is a fantastic market where you can find everything handcrafting bags, belts, clothes, jewelry, hats and even something to snack. Almost all of them are hand made by craftsman in Chiapas. From the outside everything is wrapped in big plastic to protect from the rain, it is not very inviting but once inside it’s magic there are colours everywhere, objects of all kinds, also all around there are shops and people selling fruits, nuts and more. It’s really great that this place helps the local economy while demonstrating the strong Mexican culture. I don’t want to put everything in the same basket but almost everything you find in the store of the city if it’s authentic and artisanal, you have a lot of chance to find it in the mercado for much less in cost and often you have more choices. When we look around there are so many objects it’s feel like Ali Baba’s cave.

One of my biggest passion in life is to see how people from other cultures live and create, Mexico is a country where colours is at the forefront, where art is a bit caricatured and the making is abrupt but so pure. I traveled a lot in Mexico and no matter where you find yourself there you get the same kind of art and style, alive and very colourful. With the current pandemic the artisans are aiming for just a large production of masks full of colours, flowers and other kind of things to embroider. They are very original and far from what we see in Canada. For us the more monotonous the better, for them the more alive the better. Unlike us, in Mexico the dogs live mostly in the street, the mercado is like a refuge for some of them, in all the places that are a little quieter there are dogs that walk or take a nap while people are shopping.

I really enjoy this kind of place and thought it might interest a few of you. There is more to follow, San Cristóbal have more than one mercado of this kind … I let you enjoy my vision of this place by my pictures, in the way to get to the next mercado.

El Mercado De Alimentos

Now it’s the Mercado de alimentos turn…

Here I am arriving in another world where absolutely nothing is like at home. From the wonder to the little trauma, I have been surprised by this place. For someone like me, who basically have a hard time with meat. When I saw those chickens, I promise you would have laughed, my eyes wide open, my heart stopped saying to my self “No way, is this true !! ” They are spread out on a table upside down, killed the same morning, they are waiting to be bought. I am photographing them for you, so that you can understand how I felt. But the market is much more than that, it’s also a ton of fresh and colourful fruit and vegetables, hundreds of people doing business and a place where you can find everything you can imagine. The walk is made like a labyrinth, there are passages everywhere and hidden corners. One day when I was walking from where I live in the way to the mercado I saw a small alley where people was selling clothes, so I ventured out and found myself in the middle of the mercado, I was very surprised. This place is so big it’s easy to get lost and there is a section for everything. Outside We find the fruit and vegetables, in the middle in a large room made of concrete there are butcher’s and fishmonger’s where everything it is simply displayed on tables and where the smell is very strong. There is also a site around the center where there are restaurants, in another side they are selling toys, flowers and as I already mentioned it clothes. I have no doubt that there are still many corners out there than I have no idea they exist. The best part about this whole thing is the prices, a small basket of fruit is about 10 pesos which equals $ 0.75 Canadian, chicken are 60 pesos per kg, so about $ 3.80 per kg. I have rarely seen food so cheap. I’m fortunate enough to live within a 10 minute walking of the market, so this is now my new place where I go to make most of my groceries.

I invite you to take a little tour of the place through my photos.

Thank you for passing by I hope you enjoyed this part of my adventure as well as all the picture I took for you.

Sophie xx

The Mexican Ranch

So here I find myself, in the middle of the Mexican jungle, in a small village where no tourists go. I spent 4 days there, for me it was like a trip back in time, there they don’t have a shower as we know, it’s just a bucket in which you take water to shower yourself. The bathroom is not even in, it is outside, located just in the back of the house and also if you want to flush the toilet, you need to take a small bucket for put water in. It’s by seeing those things that we realize that our life is easy. There the children still have fun playing in the trees and running around. There aren’t any networks there, so it’s impossible for them to get on their tablet and forget about the real world. In my opinion, it’s beautiful to the young boys still playing with each other and learning with nature.

It’s a place where our phones don’t get any signals, the only phone that works is the one in the house, with wires, like when we were little. When we wanted to have access to the outside world, my boyfriend take me on their moto to go to the village, there is a small house that gives us access to wifi for 10 pesos. In front of this house, is a mini supermarket where we can go and buy some snacks for the time we are there.

When it’s time to eat, my beautiful mother-in-law cooks food on a small fire, where she can put a plate to cook the food and warm up the tortillas. They also have a little electric cooker of two side which helps a lot.In this ranch they kill their animals to eat, there are chickens walking all around, sometimes we see one passing by the house when we are sitting in a hammock talking to each other.On the third day, in the morning, when I was sleeping, my boyfriend came to me to tell me that he was going with the men to catch a cow, they wanted to kill her to celebrate their sister’s birthday. They came back after 3 hours with the poor cow, the legs tied so she couldn’t move. For me who loves animals a lot, it was simply unnecessary experience to live, when it came time to kill her, I went to the other house in the side and I cried in boyfriend’s arms when I heard the poor animal die. I couldn’t handle it. That evening was my sister-in-law’s birthday. She dressed up for the occasion and people from the village were invited to eat, unfortunately I pass my turn.

That same evening, we went to buy beer in an another small house two, tree streets away. And we witnessed something unexpected. Two Mexicans drunk started to fight. A few seconds later one of them became crazy and exploded his big bottle on the other’s head. After things got worse, the one who got hit came straight at us, at the house of the lady selling the beer, and the other went to get a gun in the trunk of his car. So we left the faster possible. On our way, we saw two women on a moto with a little girl, so I told them not to go there, it was dangerous. She didn’t listen, one of them said to the ‘other ‘‘ no vamos vamos ’’ I was afraid for the little girl. 

When we were walking back to the ranch, we meet my boyfriend’s grandparents, we told them what was going on, to not stay there and went straight home. I also told them that I was very happy to have the chance to meet them. At this point, the same guy who have been hit walks by again and comes back with a machete. So we take back our way to find the tranquility on the ranch.

When we came back it was like nothing was happening, the celebration continued. We drank beer, talked, take some pictures and it was time to eat the cake. At this moment, one by one past front of my camera to take a picture with the birthday girl, when surprisingly someone smash her face on the cake.That was a funny moment, for everyone, mostly for her sister who came site in her side for a picture with her little dog who decide to lick the face full of cake.

This day has been filled with unexpected things. When it came time to sleep, I was extremely tired. So I go in the house where my mother-in-low had made my bed, and put a net around it, which ‘‘pabellón’’ in Spanish and is used to protect you from insects at night, with this they cannot come on you. I really like beautiful attention. It made me feel good and I felt like sleeping in peace.

I hope you have enjoy to read about my adventure, other are coming soon.

Sophie xx