Ok ! Let’s talk about music.

The most important thing in my life.

I do listen all kind of music for fit with my emotions. When you listen only one type of music, it put you in a unique state of mind, we are much more influenced by the music we listen than we can imagine. It have the power to go direct through your subconscious mind and that’s why often we can see it directly when someone listen only one type of music.

Do you know that your subconscious control 95% of your brain.

Is the reason why it’s important to listen music according to ourselves and to be diversified as well. Change style, let yourself be amaze by all kind. And feel what music can bring to you. It will open your mind.
Here I let you my playlists and I hope they will help you to go through your life like they do for me.

Click on the icon to see all on Spotify

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