Feelings !

Feelings !

In order to understand your emotions you must feel them, to feel them you must live them.

What if we were talking about emotions today? That strange thing that lives inside all of us?

As far as I can remember , my emotions always had a strong impact on my life. Over the years I start noticing how they can also have an impact on other people. Some of us feels them deeper, some hide them better and some just control them easier. But in the end, we all feel them and this is what helps us to understand each other.

I believe that one of our biggest jobs as a human is to learn how to understand our feelings. Not just to feel them but to control them without letting them control us.. Because in matter of fact They are part of us.  We have the power to give them the importance we desire. The most difficult thing is not to let them down, it’s to understand them, assimilate them, use them to make you stronger. They are like a dance with yourself. If we succeed to control the intensity of their move while letting them free of expression, we increase our own power. I invite you to look inside of yourself and connect with your emotions deep down. You will realize that they make the person you truly are…

Now I invite you to take a notebook and write down each one of them and where they comes from. You will find out why you feel the way you feel and this will help you to be aware of your own state of mind. It’s the first step of a long process. A process that can take a lifetime but that is totally worth it! They will bring you inner peace, and I don’t think I’m wrong  by saying that is exactly what we’re all looking for.

I find it funny that when you type the word  ”emotions” on google it gives you a definition that I’d personally call; digital. It starts by mentioning that it’s a feminine name and goes like…

  •  1. Affective state, pleasure or pain, clearly pronounced.
  • 2. Intense affective state, characterized by various disorders (pallor, rapid pulse, etc.).

 It kind of leads us to believe that the emotions are purely feminine which it’s not true! Emotions are human and everyone feels them. Then there’s the intense emotional state, also called ”disorder” but in reality the emotions are not a disorder they are a sign of humanity. Well that’s what the society we live in want us to believe. They would like from us to be born with a perfect emotional master but it’s a work of a lifetime. Nowadays people take antidepressants and every kind of pills to fix their emotions. They believe they can escape from them but they are not. They think feelings are our biggest enemy but in fact it’s our good companion with whom we must be at peace. They will follow us all along our life… Those pills only helps temporarily, like drugs and alcohol, but it gives you the perfect illusion though. The only way to escape from them is to face them, study them and learn to control them. Yes it’s scary, yes it will hurt, yes it’s difficult but it’s the only way to conquer our inner peace. Don’t look at your emotions like a disease. They are part of human nature and yes they can hurt but also amaze us, this is what connects us from one to the other.

Now let’s take a look at those weird things we feel. Love. The most beautiful and powerful emotion of all. Joy. What we are looking for it, in each detail of our life. Pride. What we feel when we accomplish something than we never thought we could. Sadness. The emotion that hurts us but helps us understand others. Fear our greatest enemy! Anger. The fire that burns inside us. And guilt the one we feel when we’ve done something wrong that we regret…  Each of them can be felt to a different degrees and variation but also we can feel them all at once. A lot of people thinks it’s a bad thing but it’s really not ! Some people rather like to hide behind them but you shouldn’t, you just have to take them as they come. By mastering them we can find freedom. Nothing in the world will deliver you from your emotions. You can only deal with them and the better you deal with them the better you’ll feel.

Connecting with your emotions is also connecting with yourself, drawn from the deep within you to find yourself, understand you, change what needs to be and become the best version of yourself. There are a multitude of things you can do. like writing, meditate, do some yoga, read books and even traveling can help … whatever option you pick it is up to you. Found what works for you. Just don’t forget to analyze yourself along the way.

Speaking for myself only , I am hypersensitive and it’s not easy to feel so much emotions every day, but believe me or not its what makes me feel alive. I have gone through many ups and downs in my life, good or bad, because my feelings were stronger than me ( sometimes it’s still the case) and I reacted roughly when it was unnecessary. I spent days and even weeks crying over things that I could have handled differently. I tortured myself for things I had no control on. I felt like a victim of life , it felt like everything was against me many times and then i realized that it’s all about the state of my mind I was putting myself in. Today things are really different. Life is no longer against me  because I don’t allow it to be. It was me against myself. Life (especially in our youth) is sometimes cruel, we don’t have much control but with the years things get better, we start being more awake mentally and spiritually. The levels of consciousness increase and we have more control over our lives. It’s a beautiful soul process. Overall, don’t think that having emotions is negative. I have also had extraordinary experiences and done things that I would never have done without my emotions and I have no doubt that you too. Think about those moments, remember the time in your life that you felt better about yourself, what type of emotions were you feeling?… Take action to create that same kind of feeling that makes you feel alive. Don’t wait for doing it, do it the faster possible no matter what it is, just do it. Sometimes it might look like emotions slows you down or even stops you for a moment along the way, it’s quite normal but if we take the time to look at this and understand what we feel. We see what happened and getting stuck in our emotion becomes a choice or an everyday battle to get out of them. We can all go out and become the person we dreamed of being. We just need to have the desire to work it through. Every single day! If you going through a bad phase at the moment , remember that it’s just for a short part of time. In the end the sun always comes back! Even when it seems to be hiding behind the clouds , you will always find a light to brighten your way. Do not stop moving forward , you will find what you are looking for.

Sincerely, Sophie xx

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