The importance of self love

The importance of self love

Fall in love with yourself

Pass more time with yourself, take you on date, admire you, give yourself compliment, be romantic to yourself.

Work on yourself daily, forgive you for every time you have mistreated you and lets others do it.

And mostly think about yourself as the more important person of your life, because you are!

Loving yourself is the first step of being loved. You should work on you and built your future self as someone you can be proud to be. No matter who you was, you have to know that change is possible and its start by forgiveness. Be kind with yourself, stop to judge yourself and that will also help you to stop judging others. See it that way, we all start our journey in the ignorance and that’s the reason we should forgive ourselves, someone who didn’t know can not be judged the same way as someone who knows. That’s why a teenager who do a crime don’t go in jail, they give them chance to learn from it and become a better person. You have to be aware that who you were, do not obligate you to stay that person for ever. If you don’t like who you are, every day you have the opportunity to become someone you would love to be.

Learning to love yourself is simply as learning to get to know yourself. Pass more time alone to analyze you, look in the deep of yourself for understand your patterns and start the processes of healing your wounds. It will bring you unconditional love. By doing that you will be able to love others and be loved by others with the same unconditional love than you love yourself.

It’s important to care of protecting your energy even if its means sometimes to take out people of your life, change job orientation, move to a place that looks more like you. By doing that you can look selfish but the truth is that you have simply take the decision to love you more and put yourself first. In the long-term that will be the best decision of your life cause with the time the people that truly love you will understand that you only protect yourself and try to be a happier person. Doing that will also bring you to meet people who like you have chose themselves, people who will respect you more and accept your decision easily. Those connection will be deeper even if the time passing with them can be shorter. It’s simply evolving in a better environment, one who fit your standard.

No body is perfect!
Accept yourself, forgive yourself for your mistakes, love your imperfections and work for become better!

Every day you should look at yourself and found things to admire about yourself. Stop to compare yourself with others and start to see the beauty within yourself. The real beauty come from the soul if you focus on your emotion and vibration it will get out of you by itself and be shown in your face. Happiness and well-being is more attractive than makeup and it’s simply a fact.

Have you realize that sometime you look at someone who is not so attractive and then more you get to know this person the cuter it become ? I think is like that for ourselves too. If by getting closer to someone we can see that person more and more beautiful, do you think that we could change our own vision of ourselves by getting closer to our own heart?

Sophie xx

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