Growing up

Growing up

Evolving is a process that must be started as soon as possible, it’s not something that happens automatically, it’s a choice you have to take. How many people do you know who are old in age but still think and act like a teenager? They have made the choice to not evolve. And you? What decision do you take?

For me learning is a passion, something that I have to do. Sometimes knowledge can be overwhelming, but ignorance is fatal. With the time I have realized that for many people to live is an effortless logical continuation, but the truth is that if you do not make any effort to evolve you regress.

Learning is a privilege that unfortunately is not available to everyone. So if you have the opportunity to do it, to enrich yourself with all kinds of arts, science, history and everything else, I highly recommend you do it and be grateful for it. Thinking is a divine gift, as a human we have the power to create our own reality. The more we know, the better equipped we are to face life with peace of mind. How many of us want to live a life in peace? Well very few look to find it. I sincerely believe in change and evolution. With a desire to grow, we all have the ability to become a masterpiece and achieve great things. Our brains work just like a sponge, we absorb everything around us, everything we read, everything we hear and more. This is why we have the duty to be very careful with what surrounds us, to choose with caution the friends we have, what we read, where we life, where we get our information, to who we ask advice, actually everything surround you. Our environment is one of the biggest challenges we face, is also what can often stop us from growing up. Creating our own environment is extremely important, yes it’s difficult but it makes our life much easier and really more pleasant, it’s worth it. In other words, it’s taking care of your subconscious. Our environment creates our habit and our habit determines our success or failure. Success does not come without the desire to get better every day.

The older I get, the more I see the importance of enriching myself, speaking out and sharing. I believe that mutual aid is important. That’s why I want to help people, who is like I was few years ago, who don’t know where to start or how to get out of the darkness. To be honest I have spent most of my life in the dark without being able to see a way out. When we grow up our first influence is our parents, our teachers, our friends and of course the system in which we live. If at home the importance of pushing yourself to becoming better is not present and teachers at school expect perfection from you without having the patience to show you the way to improve. Things become more than difficult for the child because they live failure after failure. The desire to do better eventually disappears and self-confidence decreases. They tell you you’ll never do anything and you end up believing them. If our school system focus more about helping young people to develop and hire less teacher who just wait for their pay-checks and more passionate we would have more hope for the generations to follow. If we focus more about to evolution, self-control, discipline, to show to the young people to think for themselves, the importance of having a purpose, and that any problem has a solution that you just have to think to find it. To stop judging them only by grades and telling them that if he didn’t memorize their lesson they would fail. Our life time would be simpler and the number of people who would find the light would be drastically greater.

After years of living in under darkness, I couldn’t take it anymore. I saw the light on a trip and since there I have take the decision to find a way to reach it. In this process, I’m not going to hide from you that I’ve hit the bottom more than once, but it got me to where I am today and that’s exactly where I wanted to be when I saw this light. It shows me that everything is possible, that the people who tell you that it’s impossible do not have the courage to do it and are afraid for you, that you don’t have to share their fear, that the higher you see, the higher you find yourself. That have pushed me to open books and study how humans works, to throw myself into studies to challenge myself, to go out to meet people, to learn to say yes to life, to go alone on a trip to challenge me once again. Now that I have opened the door to the path of enlightenment I allow myself to elevate my desires and goals. I gain confidence in myself in a new way, I know that whatever I want to do, I can learn it and accomplish it. Changing your life is up to one thing, take the decision of it. Is not because you had a hard life with a lot challenge does mean it’s all over. Rather, it should give you reason to fight harder to reach your goals and become the person you always dreamed of being, a person you can easily admire. Here we are again with the desire to grow, to undertake the greatest project of your life. Your constant evolution, you have the right to take your futur in your hands and to become who you want and not to leave it in the hands of fate.

In the last days, I have think a lot about my childhood and I realized something that surprised me. The older I get the more I appreciate the things I use to love when I was a little girl. Those things come back to me more and more and I realize that it’s still what interests  me. I also discovered that being told repeatedly, by different person that what I wanted to do was itself too difficult, impossible or that it was going to give me more misery than good, have make me give up what I wanted without even seeing it. Pushing a child who have ambition into mediocrity, destroying him, leaving him with the idea that nothing really worth it is accessible is simply the biggest mistake anyone can make and yet it is what the education system is doing all the time.

Today I am slowly destroying this belief that has been created over the years and which has always limited me. Every day I rebuild myself a little more with beliefs that no longer limit me. In this step towards becoming a better version of myself, I would also like to help you do the same. Shows you that anything is possible that you have been lied your all life, that you can live the life you want and all that with peace of mind. Look into your past, what your main interest was, look at what has become of it and ask yourself why? You will probably discover an answer that will not necessarily please you, but will help you to move forward. What is really important in life if it is just to constantly evolve? To constantly exceed ourself, to take yourself for our biggest competition for become better than yesterday.

I hope all of you will take the decision to because the one you dream about since day one. I’m doing it and is the best choice I take in my life. You deserve what it’s best and for get it you have to start by say no to everything stop you to grow and yes to the life is waiting you.

Here is some action you can take for start the process.

  • Read, look for what you want to learn.
  • Write your thoughts.
  • Change your habits, look what kind of habits it’s take for be who you what to be.
  • Travel, open your mind.
  • Study something you always dream about to do.
  • Decide to do something you never did once a week.
  • Stop to give your time and mostly your energy to people who don’t elevate you.
  • Respect your dream and have faite.

Sophie xx

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